Forthcoming Khaloud NASER ALSAID Nour El Houda BEN AMOR

Experiential Marketing Impact on Experiential Value and Customer Satisfaction- Case of Winter Wonderland Amusement Park in Saudi Arabia

A new wave of researches supports the importance of examining the efficiency of experiential marketing on consumers satisfaction. In this respect, this paper investigates the relationships between experiential marketing, emotional value and customer satisfaction among Winter Wonderland visitors in Saudi Arabia. Quantitative research was conducted through an online survey. Structural equation modeling analysis was used through the Amos software. Results emphasize the role of sense experience in emotional value creation as well as confirmed the significant positive relationship between emotional value and customer satisfaction. Overall, outcomes offer a better understanding of the experiential marketing use in the context of an amusement park and mark out new avenues for future research.




Nour El Houda BEN AMOR