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Forthcoming Hieronymus STURM

Literature Review – Development of a model to promote and measure inspiration in online shops

The aim of this article is to become an overview of how users can be inspired to search around in online webshops. For this it is necessary to have an insight into the inspiration research. This provides a number of factors that could have an impact. It seems sensible to trigger motivation, transcendence and evocation in the website. You should avoid inappropriate web design and usability errors, because it can cause negative emotions. The user is probably more inspired by positive activated affects. This applies to online, as well as the offline situation.

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Forthcoming Miyuki MORIKAWA

Not Reviewing the Movie but Reviewing Other Reviews: Effective Online Movie Reviews in Japan, a Country with High Uncertainty-Avoidance Behavior

Nowadays, online user reviews are becoming increasingly important to moviegoers, especially in choosing specific movies they want to see. However, not every user review is considered influential by consumers. To describe the characteristics of useful reviews, this study focuses on online movie reviews posted on Yahoo! Japan Movies—a site that features a usefulness counter with each review. Three principal characteristics of useful reviews are demonstrated: a) a longer text, b) a high level of verbal expressiveness, and c) references to other reviews. From the perspective of the cultural dimensions theory, it is reasonable that longer, informative texts with rich expressions are preferred by consumers from cultures with high uncertainty-avoidance scores, such as Japan. However, Japan’s potential moviegoers are motivated by reviews reviewing other reviews, even if some comments about the movie are very negative. This study suggests that people have different tendencies on the Internet...

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Forthcoming TP TLAPANA

Customer Service at Independent Retail Food Chains in Kwazulu-Natal

This study aimed at determining and evaluating customer service at independently owned retail food chains within the province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. Furthermore, it included assessing the level of retail service quality, current customer service tools employed by independent food chains in KwaZulu-Natal and the extent to which customer service tools are being used. The study was also about establishing whether there was a significant relationship between retail service quality and customer satisfaction. The study targeted both customers and managers of independent food chains in KwaZulu-Natal from whom a sample of four mangers were interviewed and 444 customers were conveniently selected to participate in the study. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were employed in the collection of data.

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