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Nikolaos TZIORAS

The Internet as an Important Tool in the Tourism Industry and its Use in Customer Service

The tourism sector is one of the most important business sectors in Greece. The term “online travel agency” refers to the transfer to the Internet of all or part of the tourism services offered by a real travel agency. The purpose of this study was to discuss the role of the Internet as an important tool in the tourism industry by presenting the ways it is used in customer service. The study focuses on an online travel agency. The methodology of the study was based on the collection of secondary data, which was collected through articles in journals as well as through official web sites. Specifically, the study discussed the use of the Internet and its importance in the field of tourism, and presented and analyzed the features and functions of an online travel agency, focusing on the basic services of an online travel agency, the subsystem of the customers, the provider’s subsystem and the subsystem of the intermediaries. In addition, a standardized online travel agency system was...

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Nikolaos TZIORAS

The Role of Environmental Management in Tourism Marketing Development as a Means of Destination Promotion

The aim of this article is to study the role of environmental management in the development of tourism marketing as a means of promotion and development of tourist destinations. Initially, there is an attempt to theoretically approach the concept of tourism marketing and then the risks are presented and the problems involved in the implementation of tourism marketing and tourism marketing organization. The article continues with the study of the behavior of the environment in tourism marketing focusing on tourist attraction incentives, the concept of tourism, the concept of the destination image and the expectations of tourists. The article concludes that the various marketing stimuli and not only affect the above-mentioned purchasing process of the individual while they are introduced into the consumer’s black box where they are processed. The result of this process is the choices the buyer will make about the good (product or service), the brand, the supplier, the time and the...

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