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Achini Tharaka RANAWEERA Forthcoming Kamal WASALA

Color Matters: The Impact of Logo Color on Consumer Perceived Eco-Friendliness

As a marketing tool, color attracts consumers, consequently, shape their perception. This study seeks to examine how mere colors featured in brand logos evoke consumer perception about a retailer’s eco-friendliness. Data from two experiments show that exposure to a logo featuring a high eco-friendly color (green) makes a retailer’s practice more environmentally friendly, while exposure to a logo featuring a low-eco-friendly color (red) makes the retailer practice seem less environmentally friendly. The paper also demonstrates the moderating role of gender, such that females tend to show more positive responses to a logo featuring an eco-friendly color than male. Further, we show how processing fluency mediates the interactive effect of logo color and consumers’ perception about a retailer’s eco-friendliness. This current research makes some important theoretical contributions to the evolving field of design issues in marketing. Further, this research contributes to practice in several...

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