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Forthcoming Yesita Windi WUISAN Fulgentius Danardana MURWANI SUHARTO S.M

Competitiveness Of Export Production Custom House Of Minahasa In North Sulawesi

This research focuses on the competitiveness of export production custom house of Minahasa in North Sulawesi. It aims to analyze the existing competitiveness in rumah adat Minahasa compared to the other competitors in the same sector of industry. The method exerted in this research is case study method with qualitative approaches. From the data collected by doing in-depth interviews, the researcher asserts that the competitiveness of custom house of Minahasa is derived from the aspect of quality, cost, demand, human resource, and innovation as indicators of competitiveness based on diamond porter’s model and the implementation of marketing as an instrument to maintain and expand custom house of Minahasa through personal selling, word of mount and social media (facebook).

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