August 2019

Expert Journal of Marketing
Volume 7, Issue 1


Abdullatif I. R. ALHUDAITHY
The Impact of Supermarkets’ Mobile Application on Saudi Customer’s Behavior during the Buying Decision Process

Guoan ZHU, Xue GAO
The Digital Sales Transformation Featured by Precise Retail Marketing Strategy

Perceptions of Entrepreneurs and Innovators regarding Radical Innovation: Fundamentals, Requirements, and Method

Syafruddin CHAN, Mirza TABRANI, Fauziah Aida FITRI
Maintaining the Quality of Tuna of Aceh for the Japanese Export Market

Anak Agung Ngurah Gede SADIARTHA, Ni Luh DARMIYANTI
The Role of Corporate Image in Mediating the Effect of Service Quality on Buying Decision for a Retail Outlet in Bali

Syafruddin CHAN, Cut APRILIA, Zaida Rizqi ZAINUL
Indonesian Marine Tourism: Developing a Favorable Tourism Destination to Attract International Sailing Boats

Nikolaos TZIORAS
Policies and Proposals of Primary Importance for a Sustainable Tourism Development and a Competitive Greek Tourist Product

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing: Independent or Complementary Strategies

Published by Sprint Investify. ISSN 2344-6773


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