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Aletheia University, Taiwan

Hui-Hsin HUANG

The Probability Model of Expectation Disconfirmation Process

This paper proposes a probability model to explore the dynamic process of customer’s satisfaction. Bases on expectation disconfirmation theory, the satisfaction is constructed with customer’s expectation before buying behavior and the perceived performance after purchase. The experiment method is designed to measure expectation disconfirmation effects and we also use the collection data to estimate the overall satisfaction and model calibration. The results show good fitness between the model and the real data. This model has application for business marketing areas in order to manage relationship satisfaction.

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Hui-Hsin HUANG

Explorative Study on the Concept of Mind Shares: Confidence, Resistance and Loyalty

In practices and academics, the growth/decline of a brand or product sales is often measured with market shares. However, this method does not really gain insight into loyalty and perception of consumers toward brands and products. This paper proposes a concept of Mind Shares which combines confidence and resistance as the main contents of loyalty to establish a new theoretic foundation and develop the calculation method for the quantification of this model. The data from questionnaire survey showed that confidence and resistance are both positively correlated with loyalty, and these two variables are capable of predictability on loyalty. It is considered that this paper lays down the theoretic foundation of Mind Shares and contributes applications.

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