Author - Hajar ANABIR

Hassan II University, Morocco


Factors Impacting Repurchase Intentions in Social Commerce Platforms: An Innovative and Expanding Business Model

Through information technology, the world is moving towards the digital economy, giving rise to social commerce. This type of marketing be considered a new form of e-commerce that incorporates a holistic approach to social media with the aim of helping users buy and sell products and services online. This empirical research aims to estimate the effects of the cognitive and emotional mechanisms of consumer trust and intimacy on repurchase in social commerce platforms. Thus, it aims to analyze in detail the behavior of consumers based on satisfaction and user-generated content, focusing on the moderating role of the buying habit between trust and repurchase, intimacy and repurchase. In this research, a quantitative study was conducted, targeting Morocco in order to analyze the effects of cognitive and emotional mechanisms on consumers' repurchase intention regarding social commerce platforms. Based on this, we studied the behavior of 3,854 social media users, 2,251 of whom have already...

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Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing: Independent or Complementary Strategies

This article tends to explain the differences between the Outbound Marketing strategy and the Inbound Marketing strategy, by offering a comparison of these techniques used by these two approaches. This paper aims to determine the impact of the “new marketing strategies” on the existent ones, and clarifies if these two strategies are complementary or independent for a company operating in a highly competitive environment.

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