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King Saud University, College of Business Administration, Saudi Arabia

Mahmoud ABDEL HAMID SALEH Abdullah Mohammed ALHIDARI Abdulrahman AL-MANSOUR AbdulElah AL-KHUDHAIR

Health Awareness and Price Sensitivity as Predictors of Consumer’s Purchase Attitude Towards Soft Drinks

This study investigates the association of both health hazards awareness and price sensitivity of soft drinks with consumer’s purchase attitude in Saudi Arabian market. The study also investigates whether there is a moderating role for each of consumer’s gender, age, education, and monthly income on the two studied relationships. The study has been conducted on 865 respondents of soft drinks consumers in Saudi Arabia and an online self-administered survey has been used to collect primary data from the participants. The study findings revealed a statistically significant negative associations of both soft drinks’ health hazards awareness and price sensitivity with consumer’s purchase attitude. Heath hazards awareness is higher than the price sensitivity in predicting the consumer’s purchase attitude. Hence, the consumer’s attitude is more responsive to health hazards awareness than the price sensitivity. The study also found that consumer’s gender, age, education, and income do not...

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Customer Satisfaction and Brand Switching Intention: A Study of Mobile Services in Saudi Arabia

The purpose of the study is to investigate first, the relationship between the customer satisfaction and brand switching intention into the Saudi Arabian mobile-service market, and second, the association of service quality, customer service, service pricing, and value-added services with the customer satisfaction. Because of the difficulty of having a frame for the mobile-service customers from their providers, a convenience sample of 350 online respondents with the proper surveying techniques was used in data analysis and testing of the research hypotheses. The findings of the study confirm a significant negative relationship between customer satisfaction and brand switching intention. A 4% percent of the change in brand switching intention could be explained by the change in the customer satisfaction. Only three variables; customer service, service pricing, and service quality are critical determinants for mobile-service customer satisfaction. Customer service explained about 22%...

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