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Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia


Service Quality of Internet Banking from an Indonesian Perspective

The objective of this study is to test and analyze the influence of trust on a technology used for internet banking and its impact on customers’ interest to use internet banking. The fieldwork chosen for this research is the internet banking industry in Indonesia. However, the research focused on Aceh and North Sumatra’s big cities that are Banda Aceh and Medan because both cities have the largest number of internet banking customers. The variables that have been selected for analysis and review to uncover the phenomena that have been developed in this study are: ‘Customer beliefs on technology reliability’, ‘Customer acceptance of IT Value’ and ‘Converting intention on Internet Banking (IB)’. The population is the main subject on which the researchers focus their study to examine specific parameters, and then be able to draw conclusions (Hair et al., 2010). In this paper, the study group is represented by internet banking customers from Aceh and North Sumatra regions, totaling 531...

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Credibility and Consumer Behavior of Islamic Bank in Indonesia: A Literature Review

The concept “credibility” has become significant attention from academics and practitioners because it played an important role in creating and maintaining consumer behavior. This study uses twenty- seven references relates to credibility, customer value, satisfaction, and loyalty. Several studies have discussed the relationship between credibility and consumer behavior and also elaborated dimensions of credibility. It also presented the shortcomings of current research and the trends for future study in Islamic banking.

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