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Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia


Analysis of Behavioral Intention to Use a Community-based Information System in the City of Banda Aceh, Indonesia

The purpose of this study was to examine and analyze the quality of information, quality of the SIPMB website, trust, and behavioral intention to use of SIPMB information on the Government of Banda Aceh. More specifically, the research focused on the impact of information quality, website quality, and user trust on the behavioral intention of using SIPBM and the impact of information and website quality on behavioral intention through a mediating variable, namely trust The subjects of this study were employees of government agencies SKPK in Banda Aceh and the study gathered 140 responses. The results showed that all five hypotheses were accepted, as the study examined direct and indirect relationships. In terms of the direct hypothesis testing, the results showed a significant influence of the independent variables to the dependent variable. The results of indirect hypothesis testing, that examined the quality of information and the quality of the website on behavioral intention...

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Syafruddin CHAN Mirza TABRANI Fauziah Aida FITRI


This study aims to reduce the number of Tuna processing in Aceh products that will be exported to Japan. The decline in the defect level of this product is a critical point to reduce the number of customer complaints so that business continuity with trading partners abroad is maintained. The main fish products export from Aceh are fresh tuna loin fish. There are often complaints from customers in export destination countries because the fresh Tuna Loin products received by them are not up to standard. The color of the tuna is less red and tends to be pale, the fish looks less fresh, and the texture of the fish is broken and mushy. To solve this problem, the PDCA method is used, which consists of Planning by doing observation in the fish processing unit starting from the reception of the fish until the final product processing. It does by improving the weakness of the process such as tightening the time of purchasing fish, adding fish containers, improve cooling room temperature...

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Syafruddin CHAN Cut APRILIA Zaida Rizqi ZAINUL

Indonesian Marine Tourism: Developing a Favorable Tourism Destination to Attract International Sailing Boats

The objective of this paper is to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) of Sailing Yacht tourism based on empirical evidence, mainly on demand aspects. The results will be very useful for decision-makers to design, launch and control marketing strategies and policies including promotional aspects to increase the awareness of the yacht sailors from various parts of the world, arouse their intention to come, increase spending and length of stay in Sabang as a free trade zone in west part of Indonesia. Data collection was conducted qualitatively by using the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) technique conducted in four sessions. Each session involves ten sailors who serve as respondents. The data were then analyzed using both score and weight associated with IFAS and EFAS aspects. The output is mapped in Cartesian graphs. The main finding of this study is that the strategy that must be implemented by Sabang is an Aggressive strategy, which uses the Strength to...

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